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Serving the Canadian petroleum industry since 1993.

Rigel Shipping Canada Inc.
has built upon its reputation for marine tanker expertise to become a recognized leader in the Canadian petroleum and petro-chemical transportation industry.

 MT-Emerald Star Vessel
 MT Esta Desgagnes

 MT-Diamond Star Vessel
 MT Dara Desgagnes


 MT-Jade Star Vessel
 MT Jana Desgagnes

The Rigel Canada fleet are double-hulled, multi-grade cargo flexible, ice-strengthened chemical/oil tankers.

Ships We Manage
To efficiently serve the regional and seasonal needs of our clients, Rigel Shipping Canada Inc. operates a modern fleet of three double-hulled, multi-grade cargo flexible, ice-strengthened chemical/oil tankers, namely the MT Esta Desgagnes, MT Dara Desgagnes and MT Jana Desgagnes.

Constructed in Wismar Germany in 1992 — 1993 all three sister ships have a 10,500 cubic metre cargo-carrying capacity, are Canadian flagged and fully comply with the International Safety Management (ISM) and ISO 9001-2000 Codes.

Dry docks Vessel ConstructionSPEED AND CONSUMPTION
Average Speed - 12.5 knots
Consumption at sea - 14.0 mt/day feul, 1.0 mt/day diesel
Consumption in port - 3.0 mt/day diesel

Diesel: 115m3
Fuel: 325 m3
Ballast: 3,295 m3
Fresh Water: 130 m3

- 7 Cargo segregations
- Closed loading system
- Double hull, SBT
- Thermal oil heat exchanger for cargo and heating coils for slop tanks

For further information, please download vessel specifications.
Vessel Specifications PDF

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