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Serving the Canadian petroleum industry since 1993.

Rigel Shipping Canada Inc.
has built upon its reputation for marine tanker expertise to become a recognized leader in the Canadian petroleum and petro-chemical transportation industry.

 MT-Emerald Star Vessel
 MT Esta Desgagnes

 MT-Diamond Star Vessel
 MT Dara Desgagnes


 MT-Jade Star Vessel
 MT Jana Desgagnes

The Rigel Canada fleet are double-hulled, multi-grade cargo flexible, ice-strengthened chemical/oil tankers.

Why Choose Rigel Shipping?

There are many reason to choose Rigel Shipping, here are a few:
  • Rigel Shipping provides a unique compensation system that was created in the best interest of the employee’s family and well being in general.

  • The shipping area stays quite consistent covering Atlantic Canada and the Great Lakes area.

  • The whole company works to be a very close knit company who takes their work very serious but also allows enjoys a good day of fun when the event arises.

  • Encourages employees to continue with their training and advancement, looking to grow long term relationships with all of their team.