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Serving the Canadian petroleum industry since 1993.

Rigel Shipping Canada Inc.
has built upon its reputation for marine tanker expertise to become a recognized leader in the Canadian petroleum and petro-chemical transportation industry.

 MT-Emerald Star Vessel
 MT Esta Desgagnes

 MT-Diamond Star Vessel
 MT Dara Desgagnes


 MT-Jade Star Vessel
 MT Jana Desgagnes

The Rigel Canada fleet are double-hulled, multi-grade cargo flexible, ice-strengthened chemical/oil tankers.

Our Work / Trading Zones

Although our vessels are fully equipped for worldwide trading, the Rigel Canada fleet generally operates throughout the Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence and Eastern Canadian waters, and the Canadian Arctic.

Mapof Trading Zones
Great Lakes, St. Lawrence, Easter Canadian Waters and the Canadian Arctic.

Trade Zones Great Lakes

Trade Zones Miramichi